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Retired Navy SEAL / Combat Veteran / Sr. Leader

Co-Creator of the Navy's Warrior Toughness Program



When the PRESSURE is ON



under pressure


Adaptability & Change



Personal and Situational


Meet Stephen Drum

  • A combat-tested Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with 27 years of experience leading and developing high-performance teams.

  • He recently co-developed and taught “Warrior Toughness” training for The U.S. Navy, which fundamentally changed the culture of the Navy in how it trains and prepares young sailors and officers.

  • An in-demand speaker and consultant, who helps individuals and organizations develop leadership and performance strategies, so they can plan, prepare, and execute at the highest levels when it matters most.

  • He has trained and led U.S. and foreign partner special operations forces on high-risk and strategically vital missions across the globe, including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • During his Navy career, Stephen has personally trained thousands of elite military soldiers and Navy SEAL candidates, helping them succeed in severe training courses and overseas combat operations.


On the

In the SEAL Teams,

"the X" refers to the most critical points of the operation...

It's also where the greatest OPPORTUNITIES exist!


life's most important moments happen on the X


your performance in those moments is critical


with 27-years experience as a navy seal, stephen can help

Stephen's experience, training, and instincts all work together in the following areas, to grow you in YOUR moments on the X... 


Close up view of young business people putting their hands together. Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept.


A businessman holds a blue clock over a team of workers. Time management concept. Deadline. Teamwork. Scrum. Human resources. Business meeting. Planning and strategy


Pie Chart Analyse Statistic Graphic Concept


Thoughtful young woman with abstract upside down city reflection

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Don't let lack of training or mental toughness prevent you from optimal performance


Face the most pressing life and business challenges head on


Clarify objectives when encountering obstacles


Identify and commit to mastering essential aspects of your craft


Execute under Pressure

Execute with agility and variable focus when everything is on the line


Emotional Intelligence

Understand the importance of critical self and team awareness


Implement effective strategies for leading teams through dynamic change

"I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Steve Drum present his strong message on commitment, preparation, execution and reflection multiple times. Steve’s presentation style and delivery are both engaging and captivating. He will leave you thinking differently about your approach, your mindset and how you deliver on results. Steve’s humility, realistic and proven techniques will help you and your teams perform better."

Brett Schambow

Director, Department of Defense, CDW-G

"I recently had Steve speak at our annual Sales kick-off. Steve’s presentation was engaging, spoke to the focus areas for Accertify and really resonated with our organization. I was really impressed with the time that Steve took to get to know me and the context for which I was asking him to present. One the day of his presentation he turned-up several hours ahead of his presentation and stayed to mingle and answer questions afterwards. Steve is a powerful speaker who imparted meaningful and well thought-out messages to my team. A class act in all respects!"

Mark Dawes

Vice President-Sales & Partnerships at Accertify Inc

"It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Stephen Drum as an exceptional speaker. Steve was our lead speaker on the first morning of our 56th Annual Conference in Chicago last week. Steve was prompt, easy to work with and communicative prior to the conference and kept the interest of our delegates with an excellent presentation on Using the Warrior Mindset to Meet All of Life’s Challenges - Performing on the X. While Steve began his talk with stories of his service as a Navy SEAL Master Chief, he was able to connect his experiences to any professional setting. Therefore, both our Veterans and other service members could relate, as well as those who had never served in the military. It was the perfect mix. Steve filled the General Session room with positive energy and a dynamic presence and he kept the attention of 250 people for 30 minutes with an impressive presentation. Thank you Stephen, for starting our conference on a very high note! Well done."

Janet Sked

Conference Manager, Defense Credit Union Council

"Steve Drum is a powerhouse speaker with a mission critical message. His experience, knowledge and ability to teach implementable strategies are masterful. Steve understands how to lead under pressure, enroll others and sustain laser focus on the mission. Businesses need his message to enable leaders to cut through the chaos, distractions and long lists of priorities and clarify what matters most to achieve peak performance. Trust Steve. He’ll inspire greatness."

Shannon Cassidy

Founder and CEO, Bridge Between Inc

"Steve Drum’s energetic and motivating presentation on his experience as a Navy SEAL and “Warrior Toughness” trainer demonstrated how preparedness, collaboration, mindfulness and execution are skills needed to achieve your personal best in high stakes situations – a mindset that is increasingly important as companies look to deliver innovative solutions for their customers."   

Greg Massey CPUC, CIC, CRM

Head of Programs Zurich North America

“We contacted Master Chief Steve Drum to develop a podcast for our sales force and provide training on mental toughness and the importance of emotional conditioning. Steve’s extensive military experience as a Navy SEAL and Naval Instructor provided valuable lessons on the benefits of preparation, emotional control and responding vs reacting that resonated extremely well with our sales team. Steve’s ability to communicate critical cognitive and behavioral concepts and incorporate relevant military stories in an engaging and translatable way led to immediate application with our salesforce.”

Daniel A. Camardo

Group Vice President, Primary Care Business Unit, Horizon Therapeutics

"Steve talks about the “high-performance mindset”, which is an approach that the US Navy is using in all of their recruit training.  The great thing is that this philosophy can be applied in multiple areas; business, sports and home.  It was one of the best leadership/team presentations I have seen! 

My team and I have taken these practices back to our organization and are sharing and applying them in our daily engagement with our coworkers.  We are now looking at bringing Steve back to present to a larger group of leaders across multiple departments."

Thomas M. Cahill

Vice President, Product and Partner Management, CDW

“Steve’s incredible military background and insightful perspective on both leadership and mindset, gave us a unique and powerful process that can be utilized in the structure of all businesses and organizations; helping to maximize future success. His energy and spirit inspired and empowered us to continue and strive to be stronger leaders within ourselves and our own teams.”

Stefanie Rolek

Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce

"The Navy SEAL presentation was exceptional and I am glad I got to hear it. Steve did an outstanding job of using Navy SEAL training to show us all the value of a team.  When he said that no matter what his skills are, it is the guy to his left and the guy to his right that determines the success of the mission…….that underlined how important his message was for everyone at Zurich."

Mary Leitschuh CDMS

Senior Customer Service Executive Zurich Insurance

"We were very fortunate for Steve to be our guest speaker for our annual Veteran’s Day event at Zurich. Steve provided the audience with a mental framework for high performance. This topic is not only relevant while you are in the military but also relevant for corporate employees. Within days, I used the tips he provided to reevaluate and improve my performance at work. Steve’s speech was interesting, fun and relevant!"

Shannon Rigby JD, CRIS, CPCU

Product Designer, Accident & Health Warranty Team, Zurich North America

"Masterful speaker and complete professional. His message was perfect for our sales team, giving them great techniques and strategies that we can immediately put into practice. Highly recommend!"

Kim Giannini

Sales Manager at CDW

"If you are looking for an impactful and ridiculously inspiring key note speaker, I highly recommend Steve Drum. I have attended many sales conferences and have had the pleasure of listening to a variety of key note speakers but Steve's was different. He left a lasting impression. It has been three weeks since listening to Steve's talk and by this time, I would expect his message to be drifting away amidst the bustle of daily life. However, instead I find myself regularly reflecting on the stories Steve told whether I am preparing to walk into a high-stakes client meeting or helping my daughter with her homework."

Jennifer Nelson

Head of US Partnerships, Accertify, Inc

"I had the wonderful opportunity to bring in Steve into one of my training engagements as the keynote speaker. He was fantastic. His speech was engaging and informative and kept attendees talking about it for days afterward. Additionally, he was keen to adjust elements of his talk to the situation of our mutual client. He skillfully worked to tailor the messaging in ways that made the entire event more powerful. Steve understands that it is not about him... it is about the people in the audience. He is a true professional. In addition to my vast admiration for his service to our country, I truly value him as a friend and a businessman."

Jim Vaselopulos

Founder, CEO, Rafti Advisors

"Steve Drum is a powerhouse speaker with a mission critical message. His experience, knowledge and ability to teach implementable strategies are masterful. Steve understands how to lead under pressure, enroll others and sustain laser focus on the mission. Businesses need his message to enable leaders to cut through the chaos, distractions and long lists of priorities and clarify what matters most to achieve peak performance. Trust Steve. He’ll inspire greatness."

Shannon Cassidy

Founder and CEO, Bridge Between Inc

"Steve is an amazing speaker and facilitator. His ability to weave stories for his time as a Navy SEAL with business lessons is masterful. He leaves you not only entertained and inspired, but also with real actionable take always that can be implemented immediately. I wish Steve could talk with my team every week!"

Brian Douglas

Real Estate Attorney

Stephen Drum

Having had the honor and privilege to be trained by some of the finest and most inspiring people on the planet, Steve is determined to share his extensive knowledge with a new generation of leaders.

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