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Master Proven Leadership

Performance Strategies for Success When the Stakes are High

STEPHEN DRUM is a combat-tested retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with 27 years of experience leading teams and executing mission-critical performance strategies when success or failure hangs in the balance.

Today, he consults with business executives who want to develop high-performance leadership programs that empower teams to achieve exceptional results when the pressure is most intense.

To achieve this goal, Stephen leverages proven processes used by elite military units and world-class athletes.


During keynotes and workshops, he keeps audiences riveted as he imparts exactly what it takes to …

Face the most pressing life and business challenges head on

Clarify objectives and persevere when encountering obstacles

Identify and commit to mastering essential aspects of your craft

Execute with agility and variable focus when everything is on the line

Understand the importance of critical self- and team assessments

Develop a deliberate process to study lessons learned in preparation for what’s next

Implement effective strategies for leading teams through dynamic change

“We contacted Master Chief Steve Drum to develop a podcast for our sales force and provide training on mental toughness and the importance of emotional conditioning. Steve’s extensive military experience as a Navy SEAL and Naval Instructor provided valuable lessons on the benefits of preparation, emotional control and responding vs reacting that resonated extremely well with our sales team. Steve’s ability to communicate critical cognitive and behavioral concepts and incorporate relevant military stories in an engaging and translatable way led to immediate application with our salesforce.”

Daniel A. Camardo

Group Vice President, Primary Care Business Unit

“I first met Steve Drum through an event he was supporting for the Folds of Honor Foundation. I then had a chance to see him talk at a Veterans Day luncheon. I was impressed with his approach on leadership, teamwork and discipline and felt it was something that would be valuable for my team."

Thomas M. Cahill

Vice President, Product and Partner Management CDW

“Steve’s incredible military background and insightful perspective on both leadership and mindset, gave us a unique and powerful process that can be utilized in the structure of all businesses and organizations; helping to maximize future success. His energy and spirit inspired and empowered us to continue and strive to be stronger leaders within ourselves and our own teams.”

Stefanie Rolek

LF/LB Chamber of Commerce

"The Navy SEAL presentation was exceptional and I am glad I got to hear it. Steve did an outstanding job of using Navy SEALl training to show us all the value of a team.  When he said that no matter what his skills are, it is the guy to his left and the guy to his right that determines the success of the mission…….that underlined how important his message was for everyone at Zurich."

Mary Leitschuh CDMS

Senior Customer Service Executive

"It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Stephen Drum as an exceptional speaker. Steve was our lead speaker on the first morning of our 56th Annual Conference in Chicago last week. Steve was prompt, easy to work with and communicative prior to the conference and kept the interest of our delegates with an excellent presentation on Using the Warrior Mindset to Meet All of Life’s Challenges - Performing on the X. While Steve began his talk with stories of his service as a Navy SEAL Master Chief, he was able to connect his experiences to any professional setting. Therefore, both our Veterans and other service members could relate, as well as those who had never served in the military. It was the perfect mix. Steve filled the General Session room with positive energy and a dynamic presence and he kept the attention of 250 people for 30 minutes with an impressive presentation. Thank you Stephen, for starting our conference on a very high note! Well done."

Janet Sked

Conference Manager DCUC

"We were very fortunate for Steve to be our guest speaker for our annual Veteran’s Day event at Zurich. Steve provided the audience with a mental framework for high performance. This topic is not only relevant while you are in the military but also relevant for corporate employees. Within days, I used the tips he provided to reevaluate and improve my performance at work. Steve’s speech was interesting, fun and relevant!"

Shannon Rigby JD, CRIS, CPCU

Product Designer Accident & Health Warranty Team Zurich North America

Stephen Drum

Has had the honor and privilege to be trained by some of the finest people on the planet. Now he’s determined to share his extensive knowledge with a new generation of business leaders.

Looking for lessons in high-stakes leadership that will inspire your
audience to be at peak performance when it matters most?

Invite Stephen to your next event

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