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In the SEAL Teams, the X refers to the most critical and dangerous point of the operation; fast roping from a helicopter onto the rooftop of an enemy building, a coordinated attack on an enemy compound, or operating deep behind enemy lines. This is the point of NO RETURN where a SEAL must be at their best.

No matter where and no matter the circumstance, it’s critical that SEALs perform at their best “on the X” in each of these moments.

Stories from the Battlefield

As a retired Navy SEAL senior leader with 27-years of service, Stephen Drum has had the honor of training, leading, and serving with some of the highest performing teams on the planet. In "Stories from the Battlefield" the audience will receive concrete takeaways while the emphasis is on entertaining through powerful storytelling and audience engagement.

Stephen will lead you through a roller coaster ride that captures the intensity of SEAL training and

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Stephen has trained and led U.S. and foreign partner special operations forces on high-risk and strategically vital missions across the globe, including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He recently co-developed and taught "Warrior Toughness" training for The U.S. Navy. This vital program fundamentally changed the culture of the Navy in how it trains and prepares young sailors and officers for the acute stress of intense combat

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After his honored and privileged training by some of the finest people on the planet, he's now determined to share his extensive knowledge with a new generation of business leaders.

Looking for lessons in high-stakes leadership that will inspire your audience to be at peak performance when it matters most?

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